If you would like for formidable domain name administration possibilities as well as one of a kind domains registration prices you’ve come to the perfect place. Look at the video presentation to see what Funservers provides for your domain names.

We offer more than 50 distinctive domain name extensions, or TLDs, at affordable prices. For many of them, we have a one on one contract together with the organization, in charge of that TLD, allowing us to offer reduced domain name registration rates. On top of that, because we are in special contact with the domain registrar, all alterations you will be making to your domain names will multiply throughout the world much faster.

For the purpose of domain management, we now have launched a different domain administration tool – the Domain Name Manager. It is really an essential piece of the Online Control Panel and it can help you smoothly command a number of domain names at once. It’s also loaded with interesting tools, like a domain name redirection tool, a GeoIP redirection service and others. Because the Domain Manager is part of the Control Panel, if you’ve got your site hosted here, you can manage your domain names along with your sites with the same place, without resorting to any extra panels.

In case you have a web shop, or if you mean to basically add an additional security level for your personal website, we have got just the thing for you – SSL Services. You can receive an SSL certificate directly from the Control Panel and we will even handle the installation automatically for one’s web sites. You don’t need to visit 3rd party suppliers and then battle with the SSL certificate installation and setup.

As an additional secureness level for one’s domain names, in addition, we offer a WHOIS Privacy Protection solution. While using the Whois Privacy Protection service, we’re going to hide out your individual details from your domain name’s Whois. This vastly reduces the probabilities for cyber theft and in addition it decreases the quantity of spam emails you get in your Whois–associated mailbox.